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Aermacchi logo

Aermacchi Motorcycles Logo

When Giulio Macchi founded Newport-Macchi Сompany in 1912, a small provincial town of Varese, a few kilometers from the Swiss border, became the center of Italian aircraft construction.

During the First World War, the company was developing rapidly and, even under a new name (Aeronautica Macchi, later simply Macchi), continued to produce aircraft.

Aermacchi Emblem

Due to the inability to resume aircraft production after the end of the combat operations, Aermacchi started production of three-wheeled trucks. Then the decision to start the production of motorcycles appeared.

The company invited an experienced car designer, Lino Tonti, who had experience in Benelli Company and experience of the creation of aircraft engines during the war. When Lino Tonti transferred to work for FB Mondial, Alfredo Bianchi, who previously worked for Alfa-Romeo and Parilla, took over. His main task was to create a new serial model. The new Chimera was demonstrated at the end of 1956 at the Milan exhibition.

Logo Aermacchi Motorcycles

The most famous motorcycles of this brand are horizontal four-stroke top-valve engines with a working volume of 175, 250 and 350 cm2, produced from 1955 to 1974.

In 1960,  “Aermacchi” production of motorcycles was purchased by the American company “Harley-Davidson“, which initially produced motorcycles in Italy under a double mark, and in the seventies – only under the brand ‘Harley-Davidson.’

Aermacchi Symbol

In 1979, the Americans sold the plant to the Castiglioni brothers, who made it the foundation of their firm ‘Cagiva‘.

Logos and emblems of Aermacchi company

Adler logo: history, meaning, evolution

Adler Logo

Obviously, the team that created the logo for Adler motor bikes were classic heraldry fans. The two-color (blue and white) pattern with a typical (although slightly stylized) shield, as well as the easily legible key symbol (an eagle, which symbolizes speed and dignity), are the “letters” of the adler logo’s symbolism. It is dignity, which comes through history and continues into future, as well as speed and confidence.

Adler Motorcycle Logo
Adler Motorcycles Logo
Adler-Werke Logo
Logo Adler

Abra logo: history, meaning, evolution

Abra Logo

The classic abra logo combines a fair level of power and flirty modesty. The pink color and exquisite font, which are so uncharacteristic of brutal motor bikes, with the four-letter brand name enclosed in a circle, project on the emblem a degree of originality and airy lightness. Aspiration for originality and breaking of any stereotypes and limits make up one big distinctive feature for the brand on the whole and the logo in particular.

Abra Motorcycles Logo
Logo Abra

ABC logo

ABC Logo

All British (Engine) Company (ABC) was founded near the Brooklands Motor Speedway in Weighbridge (Surrey County, England). Before starting the production of motorcycles in 1912, the company was engaged in the production of aircraft engines. Grenville Bradshaw was the chief designer of the company.

By 1913 the company had produced several vehicles. Two of them participated in the races of Senior TT series but also failed like other motorcycles with ABC engines.

ABC emblem

Before the First World War broke out, the company had moved to Walton-on-Thames (Surrey). The defense order was limited only to the production of engines for various services. However, the company still found time to produce a small number of motorcycles. Simultaneously, the company produced the Scootamota model, the best of all the scooter series that appeared shortly after the First World War.

ABC Motorcycles Logo

While Scootamota sold well during the boom, Sopwith Company was experiencing difficulties and, having managed to release about 3000 vehicles, was liquidated in 1921. Its disappearance predetermined the end of the brand. ABC was dissolved in 1923.

Logos and emblems of ABC company