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Kymco logo

Kymco logo

The Taiwanese Kymco company, based in 1963, is known in the moto world market as one of the leading manufacturers. Initially, it was a subsidiary of the Honda Corporation.

Only with the arrival of the 90s, Kymco became independent. Only then it started developing and manufacturing of motor vehicles, original structures, and models. Kwang Yang Motor Co is a full name of the enterprise, the abbreviation of which gave its name to the brand. Its main production and headquarters are located in Taiwan. Export of Kymco motorcycles started in 1992. The technique became extremely popular among customers for its high quality and reasonable price.

Kymco emblem

Nowadays the Kymco scooter lineup includes more than 50 different models. Every year, its production lines release more than half a million units of motorcycles. The Taiwanese constantly upgrade their products, improve the technology of production and introduce contemporary technical solutions.

Kymco is the first company, which started equipping its technique with anti-lock and UBS braking systems, electronic fuel injection and liquid-cooled engines. Today, the company sells motorcycles in many countries, and its factories and research centers are located in six major states. European certificates ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 confirm the high quality of Kymco motorcycles.

Gas Gas logo

Gas Gas logo

Gas Gas is a young Spanish company, which has been existing since 1985 when the first plant was based in Girona.

Gas Gas logo history

It started manufacturing the best motorcycles for extreme sports related to the world of professional motorcycle racing. Firm releases high-quality bikes for off-road direction and occupies the first places in various world’s competitions. It is a part of leading trial bike’s manufacturers.

Gas Gas logo motorcycle

An engineering office of Gas Gas continually works on implementing new technologies. It develops the new classes of Enduro and trial bikes. The philosophy of the company implies the research and development of new innovative products for the motorsport future.

Gas Gas emblem

Two hundred of the first motorcycles, made at an early stage in 1985, ideally proved its quality and reliable design. It was the reason of increasing the demand for company’s products and the Gas Gas growth as the world’s sports bikes manufacturer. In June 2014, the production volumes numbered more than 15 thousand units of motorcycles per year. In 2014 it was announced its merger with the motorcycle manufacturer trial OSSA. In November 2015 is acquired, in suspension of payments, by Torrot Electric Europa S.L.

Logos and emblems of Gas Gas company

Ducati logo

Ducati Logo

Download Logo Vector: Ducati logo vector

History of Ducati motorcycles and logo

«Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.» is an Italian company established in 1926, which their occupation is producing the motorcycles. Nowadays it belongs to the German «Audi AG» automobile manufacturer. Not everyone knows that business, set up by brothers Bruno, Adriano, and Marcello Ducati, started its career with radio production (horns, loudspeakers, etc.). The modern logotype Ducati looks like a red triangular emblem with a white stripe inside — the symbol of motorcycles` essential connection with speed. The magnificent Latin inscription «Ducati» is located above the white track.

Ducati Logo History The very first logo «Ducati» was created together with company`s opening in the 20s. It was fully connected with its radio activities. The logotype looked like a zipper enclosed in a circle and two crossed “wires” with Latin inscription «Radio Brevetti Ducati» above it. First Dukati Logo 1927

In 1935, the La Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati company was expanded and relocated to Borgo Panigale, the new district of Bologna. The firm`s logotype has been changed too. Now it looks like inclined letters SSR with the Ducati inscription above, and all this is placed in a circle. Logo Ducati 1935

After the Second World War, the demand for radio equipment noticeably decreased, and «Ducati» which was passed under the public administration, started creating engines and vehicles.  In 1949, the firm started releasing engines and vehicles, including motorcycles. That time the company name had to be depicted on a motorcycle`s tank. The old “SSR” logo, which used to be associated with electronics, was too small and elusive for consumers. That`s why designers decided to create a new emblem with a good visible “DUCATI” word. The motorcycle sales were constantly increasing, so in 1953 the enterprise was divided into 2 branches – the Ducati Meccanica SpA (the producer of motorcycles) and Ducati Elettronica (engaged in releasing of components for radio). Accordingly, there was a new logo. The letter “D” on one side complemented with a laurel wreath on the other, and together they formed a circle. Two wings (directed in different sides) and Ducati Mechanica Bologna description were located above. Еhe emblem was shown on all racing motorcycles manufactured in that time. Logo Ducati Mechanica Bologna 1953

In 1959, the enterprise, following traditions of other vehicle manufacturers, presented a new emblem illustrated on motorcycle`s tank. It looked like an eagle, the symbol of freedom. The animal carried in its claws a long pointed flag, on which the words “the Ducati Moto” was depicted. Moto Ducati Logo 1959

In 1967, Under the influence of youth movements, Ducati decided to change the motorcycle logo. The new emblem was created for the Scrambler model. It looked like an average wing circled on a path with the Ducati italics inscription presented in the middle of it. Ducati Logo 1967

In 1975, the classic variant of Ducati logo disappeared. Giorgetto Giugiaro, one of the most popular designers of that time (he became famous for the creation of Volkswagen Golf) was invited to the Ducati team for designing a new emblem. So he created an image of Ducati lettering in the normal font which was made with parallel lines. This kind of logo had been used until 1985. Ducatti Logo 1975

In 1985, the enterprise was acquired by Cagiva. New executives decided to keep the production of Ducati brand on the market, but restyle its logo to make it more resemblance with Cagiva. At the same time, they used the same font as the original, but only add a small image of an elephant in the left corner under the lettering. Ducati-Cagiva Logo 1985

In 1998, the company was bought by an American Texas Pacific Group investment firm. It was presented a new logo. This time, the Ducati inscription was created with Univers Italiс font. On the right, we could see a circle divided by an angle into two parts, one-half of which resembles an inclined capital letter «D». Admirers and fans nicknamed it “Chicco di caffé” (coffee bean). Ducati Logo 1998

In 2008, the Landor design studio from Milan presented a new logo created in a shape of an inverted shield or “water drop”, inside of which we could see a curve line and the DUCATI inscription above. The emblem was designed in red colors, which is considered to be the symbol of victory and passion in Italy. Later the lettering and line became white, and the background was printed in red. New Ducati Logo

During 1949-1975 this prosperous organization was releasing great high-grade motorbikes. In addition, the company tried to change their logotype by adding to the graphic sign one or two wings. But only one thing never changed — the inscription always contains the company`s and founders` name.

Ducati Logo Description

The contemporary Ducati logo looks like a red-colored inverted triangle (or a water drop) with smooth rounded corners. In the middle of an emblem, we can see the Ducati inscription and curve line, which reminds us that the motorcycles of this brand were created for speed.

Symbol Ducati

Symbol Ducati

Ducati is a modern symbol made in a red triangular shape, inside of which we can see a trace of the white band. It resembles us that motorcycles of this brand were designed for speed.

Color of the Ducati Logo

Color Ducati Logo

The contemporary Ducati logo resembles a shield painted in red tone. Its primary meaning is a victory, and the color is considered to be the main in the Italian autosport and motorsports.

Ducati Emblems

Ducati Emblems

The most famous Ducati emblems:

  1. Two crossing letters «S» with lightning inside. (The very first logo which was created in 1927 during the radio electronics production).
  2. The combined «SSR» and «Ducati» logos, enclosed in the circle (1949).
  3. The letter “D” on the right and a laurel wreath on the left. (1958).
  4. The letter “D” on the right and a laurel wreath on the left with two wings above, which are directed to different sides. Also, there is a Ducati Mechanica Bologna description.
  5. The emblem with an eagle holding a flag where we can see the Мото Ducati lettering (the 1960-s)
  6. The contour black wing with the Ducati inscription made in italics.
  7. The logo created by designer Giorgetto Giugiaro (the 1970-s).
  8. The Ducati emblem with an elephant.
  9. The Ducati logo with a circle divided into two parts by an angle, the one-half of which resembles a slanted letter «D» (1998).
  10. The red inverted triangle emblem (shield) with a curved white line (2008).

Logos and emblems of Ducati company

Razor logo

Razor Logo

Download Logo Vector: Razor logo vector

The Razor LLC company was found in 2000 by the American Carlton Calvin in Cerritos, California.  The enterprise soon became an icon of American culture due to the first kick scooter of A series, which is considered to be the very first folding scooter in history. It was designed together with Micro Mobility Systems and JD Corporation in 1999.
Razor Logo Motorcycle
In addition, that year the young Razor company shocked the world`s market having sold more than five million scooters of a model.

The history of Razor motorcycles has been successfully written since 2004 till these days. The company releases a huge range of electric motorcycles: Razor Pocket Mod Bella, Razor Pocket Mod Betty, Razor Pocket Mod Vapor, Razor MX650, Razor MX350, Razor SX500 McGrath. Each Razor motorcycle is sophisticated, reliable and safe.
Logo Razor
Nowadays the enterprise offers a full range of products marked by many awards that inspire and motivate the fast driving fans all around the world.

The Razor logotype looks like a red-colored «circular saw» with a black contour. The company`s name «Razor» is depicted on right.

Polaris logo

Polaris Logo

The American Polaris company was created in 1954 in the northern state of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Edgar Hetteen, David Johnson, and Allan Hetteen, the founders, after designing its own snowmobile model, based the Polaris firm. The enterprise has been constantly developing and expanding the assortment. Nowadays the brand`s product range includes snowmobiles, water vehicles, Victory, Indian and Brammo motorcycles (the division engaged in the electric motorcycles production), as well as Polaris Ranger models. The Polaris` founders created the company on the basis of snowmobile model developed by their own.
Polaris Logo motorcycle
Since 1998, this American brand has been releasing different motorcycles of Victory models, which were designed to compete with Japanese motor-car manufacturers, and with such a famous USA brands as Harley-Davidson. Motorcycles are characterized by unusual and memorable designing which differentiates from similar models of other manufacturers. The peak of sales was achieved in 2012 and since then, the figures have been steadily declining.
Logo Polaris
For the further Victory growth, the company needed an additional investment in the development of new models, but Polaris considered it unreasonable and decided to focus on the another firm`s brand of motorcycle producing – the Indian Motorcycle.

In 2015 the Polaris Industries Inc acquired the division of electric motorcycle manufacturing which used to belong to another American Brammo brand. So, the foundation of the company’s future motorcycle manufacturing is laid.

BRP logo

BRP Logo

Download Logo Vector: BRP logo vector

History of BRP motorcycles and logo

The history of the Canadian BRP company started in far 1926. Its owner Joseph-Armand Bombardier bought a small garage and started designing his first snowmobile. In 1937, he received the first patent for the track model development called the B-7. In 5 years, the production was set up as a production line. In 1947, BRP enhanced its capacity and built a plant, which produces about 1,000 units of snowmobiles per year. Since 1959, the company has been produced the popular Ski-Doo snowmobiles. This type of product is considered to be the most popular in the 70s.

BRP Logo Can-am
In 1973, the BRP company expanded the range of its technique and decided to present the first motocross motorcycles of MX series. Next year, motor vehicles of this brand ranked first places on the USA championship. In 1983, motorcycle manufacturing line moved to England, so, as a result, Canadian company`s products disappeared from the market for a long time.

The revival of BRP company as a motorcycle manufacturer was in 1998. Next year, executives expanded firm`s range of products for active leisure, and presented a prototype of the innovative ATV Traxter model called “The Quad bike of the year”. Nowadays, the company follows its own philosophy, which claims “To be most advanced in the market”. In 2011, the firm was awarded as “Best of the Best” for its SUV of Commander 1000 model.

Logos and emblems of BRP company

Zundapp logo

Zundapp Logo

Zundapp Logo History

Manufacturer of Zundapp motorcycles are not commonly known nowadays, but 60 years ago his production was popular. In 1917, the firm was based in Nuremberg and specialized in the production of fuses.
Zundapp Motorcycle Logo
After the First World War, manufacturing was refocused on motorcycles. During the Second World War, Zundapp equipment was supplied for Wehrmacht. In 1958, the factory was relocated to Munich. Unfortunately, it went bankrupt in 1984. In some measure, the rapidly growing Japanese industry was the reason of Zundapp falling. Chinese purchased the company`s stuff, dismantled and exported it to their country. There they developed a base of Tianjin Motorcycle Co, the new motorcycle company.
Zundapp Motorcycles Logo

Zero logo

Zero Logo

Download Logo Vector: Zero logo vector

Zero Motorcycle Logo

The symbol of the brand is a stylized image of the letter “Z”, which is simultaneously easily read as a picture of a winding road. Smoothed corners in the zero logo contribute to creating a sense of ease and control, and the tortuous nature of determination and punching strength. And the use of a monochrome model enhances the effect and gives the design of the logo a certain brutality and power.

Zero Motorcycles Logo

Yamaha logo

Yamaha Logo

Everyone, of course, has heard about Yamaha logo — it is one of the oldest corporations in the world. It was established by an enterprise Torakusu Yamaha in 1897.

History of Yamaha motorcycles and logo

Yamaha logo history

Many people are familiar with this brand. Yamaha is the Japanese concern which manufactures motorcycles, engines, musical instruments, acoustic and audio devices, sports equipment, etc. Perhaps, you even used their products. Torakusu Yamaha, the founder, used to be a simple workman. The company started its establishment and market promotion with musical instruments production.

Initially, there must be a phoenix holding a tuning fork in its mouth on the «NipponGakkiCo., Ltd.» company’s logo (the name of the modern Yamaha company). It symbolized a firmness of spirit, work, perseverance, and pursuing the founder’s Torakusu Yamaha goals. A tuning fork in the mouth (a symbol of the ultimate sounding) reflects all the difficulties and hardships the head of the concern had to face building his business step by step. This logo was approved almost immediately, a year after the company establishment in 1898. Thirty years later since the corporation establishment in 1927, the phoenix disappeared. Instead of it, three tuning forks appear on the new logo. Since that time tuning forks became an essential element of the company’s logo. According to the corporate legend, they reflect three principles of Yamaha business — technologies, production, and sales.
Yamaha Motorcycles Logo
Years later the company grew strong and covered more and more segments of the world sales market. Only one thing remained unchanged – three crossed tuning forks making a complex triradiate star. It is important to note the presence of the tuning fork on the logo of the company which doesn’t make a specialty of a musical sphere.  The fact is that originally To Kasumi Yamaha founded a company in 1889 named «YamahaOrganWorks». This company worked in a sphere of music and was producing organs. The tuning fork is used for tuning organs and other musical instruments. Only eight years later, in 1897, the company «NipponGakkiCo., Ltd.» was founded.
Yamaha Motor Logo
Initially, the company used to sell musical instruments and had experience in manufacturing steel technologies. In 1954, it launched a production of Yamaha  YA-1 motorcycle. Its sales were so high that the next year (in 1955) executives created a separate Yamaha Motor Co subdivision. In 1981, the enterprise decided to compete with Honda, the world`s leader of motorcycle producing, and take its first place. So the company started releasing new motor bicycles models, but rivals were too strong.  For example, the famous American manufacturer Harley-Davidson made the government do restrictions on the import of Japanese motorcycles to the United States, which lead to large losses of the foreign company.
Logo Yamaha
In 1982, Yamaha Motor starts cooperation with the French producer of scooters named Motobecane. In 1985, Yamaha Motor became more active on the Indian market and created a joint production with India Yamaha Motor. In 2011, Yamaha Motor purchased the India Yamaha Motor. In 1990, Yamaha Motor started cooperating with Italian Minarelli motorcycle manufacturer, and in 2002 it joined the Yamaha Motor. The history of Yamaha Motor’s logo changes:

  1. In 1966, the Yamaha logo was created.Yamaha Logo Motor 1966
  2. In 1980, the design of the logo was changed. It looked like simple lines without background. It is considered to be the standard version of the emblem.Yamaha Logo Motor 1980
  3. In 1987, the logo was changed again. Now it was just a name of company`s founder.Yamaha Logo Motor 1987
  4. 1998 was a year of tuning forks return to the logo. In addition, designers created standard and special versions (with background or without).Yamaha Logo Motor 1998
  5. In 2016, the logo was standardized.Yamaha Logo Motor 2016

Yamaha Logo Description

The modern Yamaha logo consists of three tuning forks and a name of the founder of the company written in Latin. This unusual combination is simply explained. Three tuning forks symbolize a strong connection between technology, producing, and sales — three basic elements of the «YamahaCorporation». Today the difference in «YamahaMotor» and «Yamaha» logos is only in the position of the tuning forks. They cut a circle on the «YamahaMotor» logo and they are enclosed in a circle on «Yamaha» logo. In 1916, the enterprise started using three tuning forks crossed together during registration of various trademarks companies producing musical equipment. The very first emblem, which was printed on motorcycle models in 1966, looked like three tuning forks enclosed in a circle on a background. In addition, the logo was completed with the company founder name. Until 1998, there were two versions of the Yamaha Motor’s logo – the standard and special. The standard version looks like special except the tuning forks on the background. In 2016, designers decided to create a single emblem. Nowadays, it presented with simple lines of tuning fork enclosed in a circle and Yamaha inscription.

Color of the Yamaha Logo

Yamaha Logo Color The main color of Yamaha motor is red, which symbolizes peace, safety, prosperity and power. Also, there are some variants of the violet-colored emblem, but this one is mostly referred to Yamaha corporation. Violet is a color of warriors, generosity, and strength.
Yamaha Logo Red

Yamaha Emblems

Yamaha Emblems The color is the only thing that differentiates the enterprise logos. Yamaha has a purple emblem, and Yamaha Motor is characterized by red tone. Yamaha Corporation uses the version of logo where tuning forks are enclosed in a circle, while Yamaha Motor has the tuning forks coming outside the circle. Moreover, the «M» letter is different too.

Logos and emblems of Yamaha company

Victory logo

Victory logo

American «Victory Motorcycles» company was established in 1997. It located in Spirit Lake, Iowa, USA. American «Polaris» concern is the world’s largest producer of snowmobiles and one of the main manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles and water bikes. In the middle 90s, it decided to present its own version of a «real American motorcycle».
Victory Motorcycle Logo
For this purpose, a company organized a special «Victory Motorcycles USA» department, and in short period of time, it designed a heavy cruiser motorcycle of the V92C model. «Victory Motorcycles USA» successfully manufacturers a high-quality motorcycle technique which is demanded on the world market.

Victory Logo Description

Victory Logo History During its existence «Victory» concern has been competing with another successful and renowned «Harley-Davidson» company. In addition, designers try to create a better logotype. Victory Emblem In the foreground, modern emblem looks like a «V» Latin letter which means «Victoria» – «victory». It shows company`s attempts to overcome all the difficulties and achieve set goals. The letter is «winged». In this case, wings symbolize freedom and speed. So, speaking of speed, the «Victory Motorcycles» vehicles are the best. At the background designers pictured the globe meaning company`s aims to be the best, open up new horizons and conquer peaks. The globe is made in flattened shape so logotype is elliptical too. «Victory Motorcycles» description beautifully frames the emblem. Victory Logo Now, let’s take a look at more contemporary Victory logo analog. So what do we see? The picture is laconic, peculiarly boldness, graceful and elegant. Unchanged Latin «V» is made in red. Its shape, shift, and color represent company`s serious intentions to be the best one on the world market. A letter is crossed with the stable inscription, which means the name of the firm – «Victory Motorcycles». Logo Victory Victory Logos Victory Logotype Victory Motorcycle Logo Victory Symbol