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History of Hesketh motorcycles and logo

In 1980, the British politician founded the Hesketh company. Initially, the firm successfully participated in the Formula 1 under the direction of Alexander Hesketh, the Baron. But in 1975, due to lack of funds, he sold the team and decided to engage in motorcycle releasing. Hesketh Motorcycles Logo

After 1978, he designed some motorcycle models. In fact, it was the Hesketh V1000. The company successfully released about 139 motor bicycles before specialists detected a few technical issues and were completely stopped its production. Due to the difficult situation, the company`s executives changed for several times. In 2010, the British engineer and inventor Paul Sleeman bought the rights to the firm. As a result, the enterprise renewed the manufacturing of technique, updated and modified the Hesketh 24 model with the V-shaped engine of 118 hp capacity. In 2012, the company started designing new motorcycles. Nowadays, the firm also successfully produces electric bicycles, scooters, sports enduro and motocross bikes.

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