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Founded1895 (motorcycles production between 1949-1958)
HeadquartersBielefeld, Germany
Previous names1895-1906 Bielefeld sewing machine and bicycle factory AG 1906-1915 Anker-Werke AG, formerly Hengstenberg & Co. 1915-1950 Anker-Werke AG 1950-1953 Anchor PAMAG Maschinenbau AG Paderborn

The central element of the Anker logo, as it follows from the name itself, is the anchor. Thus, the symbolic content of the logo is easily deciphered as “peace, security and confidence in the future. Without further ado, the creators of the logo limited themselves to a monochrome solution, which underlines the emphasis on security more than on external beauty. However, the speed element in the logo is also present, expanding towards the movement of the text.

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Anker Motorcycles Logo

Anker Motorcycles Logo: 2800×2800 png