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FounderArno Dietrich
HeadquartersNürnberg, Germany

Ardie Logo History

Ardie company was named in honor of its founder Arno Dietrich. In 1919, the talented inventor started releasing motorcycles equipped with his own designed two-stroke engines. When Dietrich had died in 1922, company joyed the Bendit concern. In 1925, engineers started equipping Ardie motorcycles with English JAP engine, and then with the engines of other manufacturers. In 1930, Josef Ganz became the president of the company. After war concern united the DÜRKOPP company. For some time, motorcycles were manufactured under both brands. But in 1958, Ardie production was over. Ardie Motorcycles Logo

Ardie Motorcycles Logo: 2800×2800 png

Ardie Logo Ardie Motorcycle Logo Ardie Motorcycles Logo