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Information about the company Dodge
HeadquartersAuburn hills, Michigan; USA

The year of foundation of Dodge is 1900, it was founded by Horace and John Dodge. The company turned to be successful from the very beginning as initially it was only selling bicycles and just two years later Dodge became a major supplier of axles, engines and transmissions.

In the early 20-s it was already producing 104 000 units per year. After the quick death of both brothers, Dodge signed an agreement with Graham brothers. The effective result was a capacity to produce 600 units per day.

The first most remarkable innovation was instituted in 1940, by the company’s introduction of six-cylinder engines with higher compression rates.

In 90-s the company’s strategy was focused mainly on producing budget-friendly, good styling and concept cars.

As for the bikes, Dodge manufactured an extraordinary non-street legal concept vehicle only in 2003. It was called Dodge Tomahawk and was sold in small numbers. Many experts still have not agreed on the issue whether Dodge Tomahawk is a true motorcycle or not, because of its extremely futuristic design. Among the basic features of the Dodge tomahawk are: horse power - 500, 2-speed manual transmission, 10-cylinder car engine, 4 close-coupled wheels, allowing the futuristic vehicle to lean into corners and to countersteer.