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Information about the company Dot
FounderHarry Reed
HeadquartersHulme, Manchester, Englan

In 1903, Harry Reed bought a house on Ellesmere Street in Hulme, the city near Manchester, England. There he established a company named «Dot». Initially, the firm acquired the Fafnir engine and equipped the motorcycles with its motor. The Later company started using the V-shaped Peugeot. In 1908, Dot released a car with V-engine. By 1923 all motorcycles were equipped with JAP engines. In 1926, financial difficulties led to the change of company name to «Dot Motors». Harry Reed had to resign, so the firm passed to new owners.

In 1928, they kept releasing motor bicycles with the Villiers engine. The military tricycle van saved the company from bankruptcy; It had been manufactured during the 1950s. In 1968, the Villiers firm was closed, so it could not supply engines anymore. The Dot Motors company had big troubles. They tried to replace the Villiers engines with other motors, but customers didn`t accept new changes. That’s why the producing of motorcycles was stopped in 1978. But company survived and continued to develop under the Dot-Armstrong name. It engaged in the production of shock absorbers for cars and motorcycles.