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FounderWilliam Douglas Edwin Douglas
HeadquartersKingswood, Bristol, England

The history of Douglas motorcycles started with a man named Barter, who in 1904 created a very clumsy engine, but later appeared with a design a new improved motor. This engine was used by the Light Motors company, which was established in 1905. Nevertheless, the firm went bankrupt, and Barter began to work with Douglas brothers. During the 1922 -1931 the wide model range of Douglas technique had been constantly updated and improved. But the financial position leaves much to be desired, so a new sponsor of firm decided to change its name to Douglas Motors in 1932. But unfortunately, it didn`t solve the financial difficulties. Douglas Motorcycles Logo In 1934, sales of new motorcycle model were extremely low, so the company had very difficult times. In 1935, the enterprise was sold again, now to the British BCA airline. From 1939 to 1945 company had been releasing aircraft details, light trucks, and other technique, but motorcycles were produced very rarely. After the war, the enterprise returned to the production of various motorcycle models, but in 1951 it mostly released scooters under the Italian Vespa brand. In 1954, the firm created a new model range of motorcycles, but in 1956 the Westinghouse Brake and Signal Co enterprise purchased the shares of Douglas. In 1957, the releasing of all motorcycles was stopped.