Harley-Davidson logo

Harley-Davidson Logo

The company «Harley-Davidson» is not only a well-known brand, it is a whole separate world. After the reaching success and popularity, this firm started producing not only heavy motorcycles for riding on the highway, but also started selling shoes, clothes, tableware, and different accessories. By obtaining this production, people tend to “emphasize” their attachment to the certain culture, specific preferences, and lifestyle. The company was founded in 1903 by brothers Walter and Arthur Davidson.

Information about the company Harley-Davidson
FounderWilliam S. Harley Arthur Davidson Walter Davidson William A. Davidson
HeadquartersMilwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Key peopleMatthew Levatich (President and CEO)
Official websitewww.harley-davidson.com

The very first model of «Harley-Davidson» motorbike had the power 1 l/s, and the top speed 7 - 8 km/h. This is natural that the company’s development has been slow. In the early years of its formation, the firm sold only a few dozen bikes for a year. Actually, the company started actively developing in the 30th of last century. So-called “Customizing” was created during this period.

Nowadays, «Harley-Davidson Motor Company» produces motorbikes of classes “custom”, “cruiser”, and “tourer”, and also offers a full range of spare components and other related products.

Harley Davidson History

Harley Davidson Logo History

Harley-Davidson Logo History

Harley-Davidson today is more than just a famous motorcycle manufacturer. This brand is among not only famous but legendary ones. And even people who are far from the world of motorcycles are familiar with the product manufactured under this label. People who buy these products want to emphasize they are a part of a particular culture, commitment to a specific lifestyle. Realizing how great the popularity of the company, the company produces and other products except for motorcycles. Harley-Davidson today makes shoes, clothing, utensils, and various accessories. The logo of Harley-Davidson, which has been a constant attribute for dozens of years of existence of the company, is always present on all these items.

Old Harley-Davidson Logo

During the company`s existence, the logo was changed a lot of times. For example, in 1930 the «Harley-Davidson» motorbike logo contained only the name of the firm (red letters with the yellow contour on a white background). In the version of 1933, the sign saved the same, but the background color was turned into black and orange. Because of this fact, the inscription was focused much better. Between 1940-1946 logotype looked like a metal drop-shaped image with «Harley-Davidson» inscription. In 1955 the new big-sized letter «V» (in honor of the famous engine V-twin) appeared on the background of classic «Harley-Davidson» description. And in 6-7 years the emblem of Harley looked like rear sight and four-pointed star.

Harley-Davidson Emblem

Harley Davidson Emblem

For more than a century of existence of the «Harley-Davidson» business, its motorcycles and company sign noticeably changed. The emblem Harley-Davidson was different shapes, colors, sizes, but the description is always the same. It is the primary invariable attribute.

Harley Davidson Wings Logo

The most well-known and still existing emblem «Bar and Shield» is covered by an aura of mystery. Its author is still unknown.The emblem is made in the form of a shield with a wide horizontal stripe in the middle of it. There are two color variations: the first is white letters on a black background; the second is a white-colored phrase «Harley-Davidson», and the rest of the lettering is painted orange.

Harley-Davidson Logo Black White

Due to such a bright color and extraordinary gamma, the logo looks simple and elegant, and it seems much better compared to the other inconspicuous emblems. The orange color symbolizes the power of the spirit, courage, high activity, and the black color means style and perfection. The symbol Harley-Davidson was created in 1910 and patented in 1911. And, although during some period it was not used, over time the company returned precisely to this emblem. So the symbol is successfully used till now.

harley owners group logo

The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Owners Community is the largest and most famous in the world as H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group), and any owner of this motorcycle can join it. It uses the logo which is quite different from the official logo for its community.

For example, every official representative of the Harley-Davidson brand selling their products can have his own unique logo that can be encountered nowhere else, which is very strange for many well-known companies that are 95% against this approach. Might this policy have brought success to the company?