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ParentZF Sachs

Hercules is a German brand of motorcycle manufacturing, created in 1886. Initially, it was a Henry Marschiitz’s factory of bicycle production in Nuremberg. By the beginning of the new century, it was quite a large enterprise, where worked more than 1000 professionals. The first Hercules bike was released in 1904. The Later company started producing of trucks. In 1929, after the global financial crisis, which led to the elimination of many motorcycle companies, Marschiitz decided to return to motorcycle manufacturing. Engineers used sided engines and gearboxes, mostly made in Germany, for example, Sachs. Hercules Motorcycles Logo In the 40s, Marschiitz with family emigrated to America.  The firm had a new director, who decided to stop the releasing of Hercules motorcycles. But in 1948, its production reappeared on the market. After a few years, the company took the 3rd place according to the production volumes. In 1958, due to the difficult economic situation, Hercules was acquired by its long-time partner - Sachs. This union had benefits for both companies. So Hercules motorcycles were successfully released up to 1996.