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HeadquartersVladivostok, Russia

Irbis Motors is a Russian company, engaged in assembling and selling of the motorcycle equipment, produced in Chinese BEIJING IRBIS TRADING CO, LTD, The brand Irbis sells quality, inexpensive and steady bikes, scooters, quadricycles and snow machines. The name of the company was chosen in honour of a snow leopard, a huge feline, inhabiting Central Asia.

First Irbis motorcycles entered the Russian market in 2000, driven by few bike admirers from Vladivostok, who decided to administer the sales of inexpensive equipment, equal to Japanese and European countertypes. Initially the firm was called “Vostokscooter” and in 2004 was renamed as “Irbis Motors”.

Scooter Z50R pioneered Irbis manufacture and immediately reached sufficient success in the market.

In 2005 Irbis Motors opens representational office in Moscow and a year later it begin working on the extension of the wide dealer system.

2008 became the year of the financial crisis, which paralysed the work of almost the whole industry of Russia. When the industry rallied in 2014, Irbis rolled out a new motorcycle model Z1. This bike was notable for its aggressive sporting design, ergonomic seat, impressive muffler and multifunctional dashboard.