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Initially, in 1875, Jialing began its activity as a weapons manufacturer. Only in 1979 the company crossed over to a civilian bike manufacture.

Now the leading products of the brand are bikes and engines and special vehicle machinery. Presently the company has subsidiaries in different parts of China, despite its registration in Chongqing. Also Jialing`s factories are working in South East Asia and Latin America.

1981 was marked by Jialing`s involvement in a technical partnership with Honda. So, by this decision, Jialing had become the first Chinese bike manufacturer, carrying out international cooperation.

In 1995 Jialing started a profound export expansion. The same year the brand`s shares were sold on the Shanghai stock exchange for the first time.

Presently Jialing offers a wide range of motorcycle types and models (from 35cc up to 600cc) Annually Jialing produces 2 million motorcycles.

The company`s value nowadays stands at about 8.135 billion RMB.