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Kymco logo

The Taiwanese Kymco company, based in 1963, is known in the moto world market as one of the leading manufacturers. Initially, it was a subsidiary of the Honda Corporation.

Information about the company Kymco
HeadquartersKaohsiung, Taiwan

Only with the arrival of the 90s, Kymco became independent. Only then it started developing and manufacturing of motor vehicles, original structures, and models. Kwang Yang Motor Co is a full name of the enterprise, the abbreviation of which gave its name to the brand. Its main production and headquarters are located in Taiwan. Export of Kymco motorcycles started in 1992. The technique became extremely popular among customers for its high quality and reasonable price.

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Nowadays the Kymco scooter lineup includes more than 50 different models. Every year, its production lines release more than half a million units of motorcycles. The Taiwanese constantly upgrade their products, improve the technology of production and introduce contemporary technical solutions.

Kymco is the first company, which started equipping its technique with anti-lock and UBS braking systems, electronic fuel injection and liquid-cooled engines. Today, the company sells motorcycles in many countries, and its factories and research centers are located in six major states. European certificates ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 confirm the high quality of Kymco motorcycles.