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Information about the company Matchless
Founded1899 (revival 1987)
Defunct1945 (cessation 1993)
FounderHarry Collier Charlie Collier
HeadquartersPlumstead, London, United Kingdom

In 1878, the English brand was created. From the very beginning, the company released bicycles. The first Matchless motorcycle was manufactured in 1899, and the serial production was established two years later. For all the time, the firm produced a lot of models under the Matchless brand, including the small two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycles equipped with two cylinders.  But the company didn’t cope with strong competitors and stopped the releasing of motorcycles in 1967.

In 2012, the brand was bought by Italian businessman Franco Malenotti and his sons. Now the Matchless brand releases men’s and women’s leather jackets and other clothes. But in the near future, according to Michele, the Franco`s son, company is going to manufacture motorcycles (in England).