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Information about the company Minsk
HeadquartersMinsk, Republic Of Belarus
Official websitewww.minsk-moto.by

Second World War reparations from Germany made a basis on which have been built the motorcycle brand Minsk. The theory and contrivance, transferred from German DKW factory were this very basis by means of which in Moscow was produced M1A model.

In July of 1951 the manufacture of M1A motorcycle was transferred to the Minsk Motorcycle and Bicycle plant.

Bikes, produced by brand Minsk, were quickly gaining popularity in USSR and in other countries as well. Minsk produced around 7 million models bought all over the world.

Minsk bikes were active competitors of motor racing events, one of the most remarkable rallies of those times were Brest-Vladivistok (1971) and Minsk-Pamir (1969).

Then USSR introduces a new code name system and a new model MMVZ-3.11 receives the State Quality Mark of the USSR. Also Minsk bikes have deserved a cult status in Vietnam, where in 1988 was organized even a fan club of people, who favoured Minsk bikes.

In 1999 Minsk was given the Arch of Europe award as the production of the brand was approved on the international market.

In 2007, Minsk turned into Motovelo, was already a private firm. Motovelo began manufacturing scooters, snowmobiles and touring bikes.

In 2010 the company obtained a new logo along with a new signature - M1NSK, which echoes the great past of the USSR brand.

Minsk logo