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Information about the company Ossa
HeadquartersBarcelona, Spain

Originally Ossa was a firm, producing movie projectors for Spain market. But already in 1949, a sidecar spanish champion Giro in tandem with Francisco Bulto succeeded in obtaining a pioneering two-stroke engine technology from the DKW factory (Germany) and then began a mass-production of the bikes with this type of engine.

Ossa`s first success in race competition was in 1967 in Barcelona, what influenced the decision of the company to participate in abroad championships for a better international market expansion.

The Grand Prix season of 1969 seemed to show hopes as the factory`s champion, Herrero, won 3 races, but everything ended up in crash on the seventh lap. In 1970 the championship ended up for Ossa by a fatal death of Herrero, so the whole team decided to withdraw from the championship.

Being a no longer The Grand Prix competitor, and allied with Montesa and Bultaco, Ossa centered around the sport of Observed Trials in US and Europe also, where they reached a sufficient success.

By the middle of 70-s Ossa was beginning to come close to its downfall. This was caused by disorganization in the company itself (what was basically because of the bike boom going on those times), by cheaper Japanese bikes that have entered the European market at the moment and by transformation of the Spanish economy.

Finally, all the reasons put Ossa under the management of a labor cooperative, what had given the brand a new name - Ossamoto.

In 2010 a team of Spanish businessmen bought the rights to the Ossa brand and began trial and enduro manufacture. Unfortunately, in 2015 Ossa has ended its activity again.

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