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FounderJohann Puch
HeadquartersGraz, Austria
ParentPiaggio (1987-1997) Grimaldi Industri (1997 - 2011) Josef Faber 2011
Official websitepuch-bikes.com

Puch Logo history

The Puch company was founded in 1899 by industrialist Johann Puch in Graz, Austria. Firstly, they released bicycles but later started producing motorcycles too. The very first automobile was constructed in 1906. During the First World War, the company produced military equipment. It was really hard times for company but executives coped with all obstacles. Further production of vehicles was not successful, and Puch went back to motorcycles which made company famous. In 1928 Puch joined the Daimler concern (Austria). This union gave great results: the infusion of financial resources and start of expensive high-quality cars production. During the Second World War, the production of all-terrain vehicles was renewed. And after it once again motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles became popular. Puch Motorcycle Logo