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DefunctFebruary 1, 2003
FounderLöb Simson Moses Simson
HeadquartersSuhl, Germany
ParentIFA (1948–90)

Simson Logo History

Simson is a legendary German motorcycle firm, which production has been discontinued recently. But its technique can be found today. The company`s production activity lasted for about 150 years, and its story is full of drama. In 1854, the brand was based in Suhl by Jewish brothers named Moses, Loeb, and Simson. Then it was a plant specializing in the production of arms for government orders, namely rifle cleaning rod, and bayonets. In 1871, the company started releasing bicycles, and in 1880 - the popular hunting rifles, which brought the world fame. During 1907-1934, the firm produced automobiles. 1934 was a complicated year for Arthur Simson, the company’s owner because Gestapo received denunciations of him. He was arrested, and his estate (the factory in Suhl) was nationalized. After the release, his family emigrated to the United States. Simson Motorcycles Logo The plant was renamed several times during the Nazi and Communists authorities. Later, the Simson name became a trademark for mopeds, made at a factory in the former German Democratic Republic after the Second World War. In 1946, under the reparations program in the war, the plant was partly transferred to the Soviet Union. But in 1949, the plant management was back to Germany. The releasing of guns, bicycles, and motorcycles was relaunched. Simson models were quite successful. In the 80-90-ies, executives intended to modernize and upgrade the production. But firm failed in competing with Japanese and European manufacturers. Investors tried to keep the production, but the technology release was stopped in 2002. In 2003, Simson declared bankruptcy.