SYM logo

SYM logo

The Taiwanese Kymco company was created in 1954 under the Sanyang Electric Machinery Plant name. Then it established the first factory of bicycles generators manufacturing.

Thanks to Japanese investors, in 8 years, the enterprise was reorganized and started releasing mopeds with a small volume of the engine. The SYM firm was created on its basis. In addition, the company became a partner of famous Korean HYUNDAI brand.

SYM emblem

In 1978, SYM updated its production facilities by employing more than two hundred experts from different countries. With the help of Japanese investment, the company completely renewed its motorcycle technology range and got extensive sales markets. The quality of the Taiwanese scooters was fully appreciated in many countries around the world.

Nowadays SYM company occupies the first place in the domestic Taiwan market and has several factories of scooters and motorcycles manufacturing, which are extremely popular in the international market. In 1994, the company released about 5 million scooters.

The brand colors of the SYM brand were blue, red and white. Initially, SYM logo was an acronym for the brand, but later it was decided to introduce a corporate logo. There is a three-dimensional silvery figure, representing separate elements of the ball. The emblem was inscribed in a silver circle, which gave the three-dimensional design a two-dimensional completeness.