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FounderFritz Neumeyer Friedrich Krupp
HeadquartersNuremberg, Germany

Zundapp Logo History

Manufacturer of Zundapp motorcycles are not commonly known nowadays, but 60 years ago his production was popular. In 1917, the firm was based in Nuremberg and specialized in the production of fuses. Zundapp Motorcycle Logo After the First World War, manufacturing was refocused on motorcycles. During the Second World War, Zundapp equipment was supplied for Wehrmacht. In 1958, the factory was relocated to Munich. Unfortunately, it went bankrupt in 1984. In some measure, the rapidly growing Japanese industry was the reason of Zundapp falling. Chinese purchased the company`s stuff, dismantled and exported it to their country. There they developed a base of Tianjin Motorcycle Co, the new motorcycle company. Zundapp Motorcycles Logo