Belarus motorcycle brands

Belarus is the continuer of the USSR traditions in the production of motorcycles, which embodied in its models such characteristic features as reliability and simplicity. At the same time, the modern motorcycle industry of Belarus has acquired the features of the global industry: stability, maneuverability, and versatility of manufactured models.

In fact, there is only one brand in Belarus – Minsk (M1NSK), which began its successful existence in 1951 and still works and enjoys success. The company is focused on the production of scooters, bicycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs. In 2014, it received the People’s Brand of Belarus award and is the only mass brand in the modern world that has the USSR State Quality Mark.

The Minsk brand has released many key motorcycle models – Minsk M1A, Minsk M1M, Minsk MMVZ-3.111, and Minsk MMVZ-3.113. But only such motorcycle brands as MMVZ-3, M1NSK-R, and M1NSK TRX became so famous that it was created a fan club. Also, Minsk bikes were successfully rebranded for sale in the UK market, where Minsk models were named Minsk Saturn and Cossack. In 1999, the Belarusian brand was awarded the Arch of Europe, which is considered a prize for brands recognized on the international market. Therefore, it is not surprising that now Minsk-made motorcycles are sold in 45 countries of the world.