Harley Davidson Logo History (evolution)


Harley-Davidson today is more than just a famous motorcycle manufacturer. This brand is among not just famous, but legendary ones. And even people who are far from the world of motorcycles are familiar with the product manufactured under this brand. People who buy these products want to emphasize they are being a part of a particular culture, commitment to a certain lifestyle. Perfectly realizing the appeal of the brand, the company also manufactures a wide range of products. Harley-Davidson today makes shoes, clothing, utensils, and various accessories. The logo of Harley-Davidson, which has been a constant attribute for dozens of years of existence of the company, is always present on all these items.

How Has the Logo of Harley-Davidson Changed?

old harley logo

Harley-Davidson officially developed its first motorcycle in 1903. However, the first logo of Harley-Davidson officially appeared only in 1910. This year is considered to be the beginning of the history of Harley-Davidson logos. It received its name as Bar and Shield which is not less popular than the logo itself.

Harley Davidson Logo History 1953

In 1929, the company developed a new V-shaped engine, which was so successful that it was used until 1972, passing only some stages of modernization. Celebrating its anniversary in 1953, Harley-Davidson decided to develop a new logo design, paying tribute to its engine which brought more success to the company. The “V” on the commemorative logo symbolizes the V-Twin engines. The version of this logo of Harley-Davidson was present on the front fenders of the models of motorcycles which were produced in 1954. The logo was designed in a circle, and the letter V going beyond its bounds. There were inscriptions ‘Harley-Davidson’, ‘50 years’ on it, in the upper part of the shield, and an inscription ‘American Made’.

harley davidson bar and shield logo history

The best known and most popular logo of Harley-Davidson today was introduced in 1965. The logo itself is standard, all the same Bar and Shield, but it has a more modern form and design. This logo is used today by the company on the manufactured motorcycles.

harley davidson logo

The Bar and Shield logo was used in a wide number of variations over many years. Sometimes this logo, made in the traditional combinations of black with orange, was seen on motorcycles.

There are also versions of a simple, concise, steel logo design.

Harley Davidson Logo History 2003

In honor of its centenary, which was celebrated by the Harley-Davidson company in 2003, it introduced a new design of its logo. All the same Bar and Shield, the significance of which could not fail to be mentioned, on the anniversary logo, and wings which were placed around them. The dates, namely, 1903 (the date of foundation of the company) and 2003 (the year of the anniversary) were placed on the sides of the wings. There was a number, 100, below the Bar and Shield. This logo is also one of the most popular company logos. It was applied on the motorcycles and related goods of the company.

Harley Davidson Logo History 2008

In 2008, the company ‘blew 105 candles’ on the cake in honor of the company’s anniversary, and in honor of its 105th anniversary, Harley-Davidson showed another anniversary logo that resembled the version of 2003. The Bar and Shield was placed in the middle of the circle, and it was made in black and orange colors, from the edges of which the curved wings came out to the top, and went beyond the circle. There was an inscription ‘105 years’ between the wings of the Harley-Davidson logo, and the dates 1903 - 2008 were located along the contour of the circle at the bottom of the circular emblem. This version of the logo was available only on Dyna Fat Bob, Rocker and Rocker C motorcycles which were manufactured that year.

harley owners group logo

The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Owners Community is the largest and most famous in the world as H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group), and any owner of this motorcycle can join it. It uses the logo which is quite different from the official logo for its community.

For example, every official representative of the Harley-Davidson brand selling their products can have his own unique logo that can be encountered nowhere else, which is very strange for many well-known companies that are 95% against this approach. Might this policy have brought success to the company?

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