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History of Norton motorcycles and logo

Norton Logo History

James Lansdowne Norton is a talented manufacturer of components and spare parts for two-wheeled machinery. He was born in 1869 in the family of the cabinetmaker. From his youth, he was engaged in machinery, and in 1898 he created his own company of motorcycles manufacturing. Norton was a perfect engineer but had worse business skills, and that distinction almost caused the bankruptcy. But his best friend Robert Shelley become the Chief Financial Officer and successfully put the company on its feet. Moreover, its factory team took a part in the «Tourist Trophy» race on the Isle of Man.

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At the beginning of the First World War, the company received a lot of military orders. In addition, owners made a deal with the Russian army. So firm had to supply them with motorcycles. At the end of the Second World War, «Norton» returned to the manufacturing of civilian motorcycles, and moreover continued to expand its range. Racing motorcycles of «Norton» brand were the most popular among vehicles racers enthusiasts until the early 70s, although its serial production was closed in 1963.

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In 1960 company experienced some significant changes because rights to the name were divided among few companies in several countries. The British government offered its assistance but also set a condition: «Norton» and «Villiers» firms must be united. So new «Norton Villiers Triumph» company was established in 1973. In 1994, the «Aquilini Investments» company become the owner of its enterprise. In 1996, the motorcycles production was completely stopped. In October 2008, «Norton» renewed manufacturing with the help of Stuart Garner, the British businessman, who bought the rights to the «Norton» brand. He opened a new factory and office for the company located near the Donington Park. In addition, Stuart Garner started production of updated «961 Commando» model.

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It is well known that brand`s logotype was created by Norton`s eldest daughter at a family meal. During 1907-2009 was stable. In 1907, it looked like a black, minced «The Norton» inscription on a gray background with the line that emphasized the title. In 1913 background color was turned into white. In addition, new flowing lines and ornate curves were added. The famous Norton logo was firstly shown on a magazine cover in 1914, and 2 years later it was applied to the tank of «Norton» motorcycles.

Norton Motorcycles Logo

In 1921, the emblem was the same as previous but the font becomes less bold. In 1924, the red colored «REGP TRADE MАRK» inscription turned into bold again. In 1932, the company used the logotype with «Norton For» lettering. That time it was created in mustard and yellow colors. In 1961, emblem contained only the yellow colored inscription of the brand name. In 1972, lettering became a strict, laconic, and picture contained black colored letters on a white background. In 2006, designers added a new yellow «Norton made in England» inscription. In 2010, Norton logo was painted in black and white colors, and letters` font was changed too. Despite all design changes, experienced during company existence, one detail has always remained the same: a rounded line that crosses «t» the letter.

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