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«Triumph» is the youngest and at the same time the oldest British brand. The company was established in 1902 but later stopped working because of several reasons. Manufacturing was successfully resumed in 1991. «Тriumph» produces classic and touring motorcycles, cruisers, roadsters, sport, and vintage models of travel enduro.

Triumph Info
FounderSiegfried Bettmann Moritz (Maurice) Schulte
HeadquartersCoventry, England
ParentStandard Motors Ltd Leyland Motors Ltd British Leyland Motor Corporation Ltd BMW

Triumph Motorcycle History

The history of the brand is divided into four periods. The first time (from 1885 to 1936) company was run of by its founder Siegfried Bettmann, later (from 1936 to 1973), Edward Turner replaced him and become an executive director. The «Cooperative of workers» was created during a short period «Norton-Villiers-Triumph» (from 1973 to 1984). And finally, in 1990 John Bloor headed the contemporary firm which started its rebirth. «Triumph» started producing machines, comparable to the level of modern technological development.

Triumph Logo

The very first «Triumph» motorcycle was released in 1902. That was a reinforced bicycle frame, equipped with a Belgian engine «Minerva» of 239cm³. It could develop the speed up to 40 km/h. In 1907, a «Triumph» motorcyclist Jack Marshall racing for the first time at the competition on the Isle of Man took 2nd place in the class of single-cylinder machines. That was a great breakthrough for the company.


In 1922, the fresh «Toure IR Fast Roadster» which also called «Riccy» was released with an engine capacity of 499 cm/cc and a new «Triumph» logo. And in 1937, Edward Turner’s «Speed Twin» model shocked the world by its ability to develop speeds up to 150 km / h. In 1939, the firm created a silver «Tiger 100» which is considered to be a sports analog for «Speed Twin». And in 1959, the new model «T120 Bonneville» was presented at the London Earls Court exhibition, and that was a real furor.

Triumph Motorcycle Logo

In September 1990, in Cologne, the world saw a new collection of motorcycles: «Trophy», «Daytona», and «Trident». In 1994 company reproduced the «Thunderbird» retro pattern. Nowadays, «Triumph» is a very successful company which produces both modern and retro motorbikes. Despite its long history and especially the periods of «ups» and «downs» the demand for its goods is still high.

Triumph Logo History

Triumph Logo History

The history of Triumph Motorcycles Limited Company began in 1885, when German immigrants, Siegfried Bettmann and Maurits Schulte, bought a company in Great Britain which started the production of bicycles under the Triumph brand.

Before that Siegfried Bettmann had already got some experience in selling bicycles: this form of transport was becoming more and more popular in England then, and he organized sales of bicycles manufactured by the Birmingham manufacturer William Andrews. After a rapid increase in sales and a meeting with Mauritius Schulte, Siegfried decided to set up his own manufacture.

The ancestors of motorcycles were bicycles with motors that were released under the Triumph brand.

old triumph logo

Bettman kept thinking under what name to sell the bicycles because his own name was not loud enough to promote the product. He knew three languages (German, English, and French), and then the word Triumph, which sounds similar and has only one meaning in many languages, came to his mind.

Emblem Triumph

Logo Triumph

The official logotype is a black-colored description in Latin on the white background. This variant was actually from 2011 to 2013. But in 2013,  the emblem was decided to be modified. Designers slightly rounded the logo’s corners.

Triumph New Logo

There is one more emblem, used for motorbikes and related products — the inscription enclosed in a triangle.