Aprilia logo

Aprilia Logo The company ┬źAprilia┬╗ was created by the greatest Venetian entrepreneur Alberto Beggio after the Second World War, in the mid-40s. From the very beginning, it was conceived as a company that produces bicycles and its details in Nauli (a city in the province of Venice, Italy).

Information about the company Aprilia
FounderAlberto Beggio
HeadquartersNoale, Italy
Key peopleRocco Sabelli (CEO)
ParentPiaggio & Co. SpA
Official websitewww.aprilia.com

Aprilia Logo History

The company`s destiny fully changed in the late ÔÇÖ60s when Beggio decided to turn his own business into the family. In 1968, his son Ivan Beggio joined too. Family membership started working with small 50 cc mopeds, and two years later the production has reached a really serious level: the whole world saw new motorcycle models ┬źColibri┬╗ ┬źScarabeo┬╗, and ┬źDaniela┬╗. It should be noted that an off-road motorcycle ┬źScarabeo┬╗ was modified and improved several times. The company owes ┬źScarabeo┬╗ much success! Aprilia Motorcycle Logo

Nowadays, ┬źAprilia┬╗ takes the second place in a number of production and sales of series of motorcycles and scooters (over 300 thousand copies a year). And thanks to the successes achieved in sports, the products become more popular and actively gain popularity every day.

Aprilia Logo Description

The modern logotype ┬źAprilia┬╗ looks like Latin inscription (company name) on a red background. By the way, the background was not chosen by chance. This is kind of analogy. Since the company was founded in the postwar years, the red color associated with people`s distress and sorrow. But the courageous spirit was not broken, moreover, these difficulties even strengthened it. So the company founder bravely overcomes all the issues and leads his business to success.