Ukraine motorcycle brands

The Ukrainian bike industry combines the past and the future in itself: it has a firm legacy of the USSR and found a present-day attitude. The USSR period is connected with the Dnepr brand and the present-day period is represented mostly by the Iron Custom Motorcycles workshop.

The history of the Dnepr manufacture was initiated from the German motorcycle model BMW R71, which was confiscated as a form of reparations of the country, defeated in the Second World War. Dnepr is most widely known for its off-road vehicles, especially sidecar models. The first sidecar bike MV-750 was manufactured in 1964 and it has military traces. In 70-s the production of the Dnepr brand came into the UK market, being marketed as “Cossack motorcycles”.

Iron Custom Motorcycles is a young brand as it was found only in 2010 in Kharkiv. The brand is a winner of several World and European Championships on customizing. One of the motorcycle models which the brand chose for customizing was Harley Davidson HD Rocker C. Also their prize-awarding models were Sturmvogel and Fetish (the last one is also a Harley Davidson modified class.