Cagiva logo

Cagiva Logo

History of Сagiva motorcycles and logo

«Сagiva» company, the renowned Italian manufacturer of motor technique, was established in 1978. The history of the brand started when the Castiglioni brothers, the owners of different machine building enterprises, acquired the Italian branch of «Harley-Davidson» company (the former «Aermacchi» factory). They named it in their father’s honor as «Castiglione Giovanni Varese» (shortly «Сagiva»).

Cagiva Logo History
The logotype that was used the first time, looked like the three-colored figure 1 (green, white and red – like an Italy flag). The crummy gray elephant with horse-cloth and «Сagiva» description were depicted in the background.

In 1985 emblem was changed. Bright colors of the picture turned into black and white. In addition, it contained only the image of an elephant.

Cagiva Emblem

During 1987-1994 the animal had been kept gray. The horsecloth had been depicted in the form of a checkered black&white colored flag (this Cagiva logo was used mainly for motocross championships).

In 2000 logotype was changed again. It looked like an elephant’s head, enclosed in the ellipse. Colors were changed to red.

Logos and emblems of Cagiva company