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FounderDevin Biek and Richard Worsham
HeadquartersGoshen, Indiana, USA
Official websitejanusmotorcycles.com

In 2011, a new Janus Motorcycles company was found in Goshen, Indiana. It specializes in the manufacturing of motorcycles with the stylistics of the 20s-30s of the last century (the vintage motorcycles). Halcyon 50 was the first model. Engineers don`t attempt to make the full replicas of vintage motorcycles, but just get inspired by such renowned old brands of vehicles as Indian, Triumph and so on. Janus Motorcycle Logo That is why firm`s motorcycles look rarity but also are characterized by technologically modern stuff inside. Perhaps the enterprise`s name was created this way: Janus means two-faced (retro & modern). Devin Biek and Richard Worsham are the founders of the company. Devin Biek has a great experience working with low-cubature engines. In addition, apart from Janus he releases tuning for mopeds. Working staff of the company is small, there are only 5 specialists engaged in producing of frames and fuel tanks. Other motorcycle`s equipment and works (fenders, machining, chrome plating, etc.) are made by other local firms. Janus Motorcycles Logo

Janus Logo Description

Nowadays the company releases only 2 vintage motorcycle models: Janus Halcyon 250 and Janus Phoenix 250. The Janus logotype consists of 2 joint signs unfolded in different sides and resembling the letter “J”. And it all is surrounded by a laurel wreath. On right, you can see the name of the company (“Janus”) made in the Optima font.