Japan motorcycle brands

Japan motorcycle brands

After the Second World War Japan started active developing in motorcycle production. Earlier Japanese motorcycles were considered to be a second-rate output. Motorcycles were released massively as the budgetary vehicle. Nowadays Japanese production is very popular and demanded on market. It has a title of a great quality standard.

Japan brands


The ┬źHonda┬╗ company was found in 1948. It has been manufacturing more than three million motorcycles per year from 1982 till now. The most renowned models of the brand are cruisers, for example, "Honda Gold Wing". This motorcycle is a perfect variant for long trips because it is provided with comfortable seats and spacious luggage compartment. The speed riches to 200 km / h.


┬źKawasaki┬╗, one of the most renowned brands in the world, has been producing motorcycles from 1961. The most prominent sport motorcycle model is called ┬źNinja 300┬╗. It is a very popular among amateurs due to its reliability, safety, classic fit, easy handling and according to all these characteristics the cost is quite low.


┬źYamaha┬╗ was established in 1897 as a company which produced musical instruments. Much later, the range of products was expanded to manufacturing of motor vehicles and its related products. Released in 2016 new ┬źYamaha YBR 125┬╗ model was popularized among customers very soon.


┬źSuzuki┬╗ company started creating motorcycles in 1952. Brand's models become the prize-winners of different competitions and exhibitions. Sport bikes of this firm are very popular in the world. They are considered to be the fastest, easy-to-operate and powerful models on sales market.